Definition of EPITOME : The highest example of a stated quality , as shown by a person or a thing.

The Epitome initiative shall cover three verticals of the constituent colleges of Karnavati University – The B-School , The Design School and the LAW School :
1. Career and placement related Services
2. Incubation & Innovation leading to start-ups
3. Guidance cum preparation towards admission to Indian or overseas Universities for Higher studies


Training and Placement Cell at the Career Services Department (CSD) is to guide students to choose the right career and to provide knowledge, skill-sets, attitude and aptitude to become ‘job ready’ and meet the manpower requirements of the Industry.

Mission & Vision

Equipping and enabling the students with relevant and contemporary professional skills and guiding them towards a brilliant future and career all around the world with the values of – ‘Sincerity’, ‘Hard Work’ , ‘Commitment’ , ‘Values’ and ‘Ethics’.


  • To assist students to develop / clarify their academic and career interests, and their short and long-term goals through individual counseling and group sessions
  • Maintaining and regularly updating the database of students. Maintaining database of companies and establishing strategic links for campus recruitments.
  • Gathering information about job fairs and all relevant recruitment advertisements.
  • Coordinating / follow-ups with companies to understand about their requirements and recruitment procedures
  • Identifying the needs and expectations of the companies to assist them in recruiting most suitable candidates.
  • Organizing pre-placement talks / training /workshops /seminars for students.
  • Arranging periodic meetings with Human Resources Teams of companies and CSD teams to promote recruitments.
  • To assist students for industrial visits during their semesters.
  • To provide updated resources and activities to facilitate the career planning process.
  • To act as a link between students, alumni, and the employment community.
  • To assist students in obtaining placement in reputed companies.

Career Guidance

  • Arranging CEO Lecture series, Industry Connect events , HR Managers Meet , Job fairs , Industrial Career Opportunities.
  • Inform students about the available job opportunities in government sectors and participating in off campus drives.
  • Arranging Motivational Talks.
  • Conducting regular Psychometric / Aptitude Tests.
  • Conducting Expectations Management Workshops.
  • Conducting Leadership workshops
  • Conducting subject Experts workshops

Training & Development

Keeping in view the industry requirements with technology up gradations , the training curriculum is designed for preparing the students for matching the expectations of the recruiters.

  • Personality Development ( mainly non-cognitive skills)
  • Communication Skills & Vocabulary
  • Resume Preparation& Email Writing
  • Meticulous Summer Internship
  • Group Discussion & Interview Skills & Techniques
  • Continuous Aptitude Training & Practice Tests

Message from the President, KU

Ritesh Hada
President, Karnavati University

Karnavati University and its constituent colleges are today looked upon by the Industry , pan India , as a place where they can find not only talented , creative and meritorious students , but also high on integrity and inclined within Indian ethos and values. The evidence of this is found in the University securing almost 100% placement success year on year.

The EPITOME initiative cum framework that the University has timely adopted , helps in equipping the students of Business , Design & Law to meet the demands of the Industry.The framework that integrates academic excellence , corporate enablement , critical thinking and self empowerment , has stood in good stead for the students in their careers and has helped them adopt the industry seamlessly . I wish the team EPITOME all success in the coming years too !!


Jaideep Banerjee
Director – Outreach Programs & Placement Cell (Strategic Engagements), Karnavati University

Mr. Jaideep Banerjee , a top rated Management Professional has over 30 years of experience in building brands, building businesses and creating performance driven organisations and is highly well versed with brands and retail operations across premier & leading companies in India. He was a part of the initial team that built Titan Company and launched successful brands like Titan, Tanishq , Fastrack , Sonata & Titan Eye Plus . He has also extended his brand expertise to organizations such as MRF Tyres , Raymond , Reliance Retail ( CDIT- Division ) and DLF. His expertise is in the areas of Brand Strategy, Retailing, Sales & Distribution Management, understanding buyers, buying decisions and their preferences. He is an Inspirational cum Motivational Speaker and stresses on the importance of self esteem, confidence and motivation that plays a huge part in an individual’s success and he has been able to transfer this knowledge to the business world to help companies and their staff achieves more than they ever dreamed possible. In his presentations he draws on his own business success and failures, talking to sales people, managers , consultants and business owners about applying the right techniques he used himself to inspire them improve their own performance and achieve greater results.

At Karnavati University , he is currently involved in ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning ) , Outreach Programs , Placement Cell & undertakes various strategic assignments and has been associated with hios pioneerring efforts in setting up the constituent colleges of the University, across various positions since its inception, for over 11 years.

Prof. Banerjee is an empanelled Faculty at Nirma Institute of Management, Mudra Institute of Communication (MICA), Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) and other leading organizations , lends his expertise in the areas of Marketing, International Business, Brand Management, Entrepreneurship & Retail Management. He is also a Consultant to Govt. of Gujarat for Vocational Training (Non-IT) Courses and has vocationally trained over 1,500 youths through Gujarat Knowledge Society (now named as Student start up & Innovation Policy), Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

Team CSD / Placement

Dipal Gajjar

Manager - Corporate Relations

Masters in Human Resource

No team found.

Amar Gandhi

Senior Manager - Corporate Relations


No team found.


Tanvi Agrawal

LSA _ 2016-20

Vinit Soneji

ID _ 2016-20

Tanvi Patel

ID _ 2016-20

Simran Sharma

FD _ 2016-20

Shreya Sharma

FD _ 2016-20

Shikha Sharma

ID _ 2016-20

Sanika Dipnaik

LSA _ 2016-20

Prem Kumbhar

ID _ 2016-20

Essential Tips for Students Planning to Pursue a Management Course


Radhika Limbasiya

Parth Bhatt

Sandip Sharma

Pronoy Mukherjee

Preksha Kochhar

Simran Gupta

Sahil Chauhan

No placement found


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International Business -Vocabularies & Jargons

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HR Terms

Finance and Accounts Terminologies

Finance and Accounts Terminologies

Business Vocabulary & Jargons : Economics

Business Vocabulary & Jargons : Economics

Quick Questions for Law Firm Interviews

Quick Questions for Law Firm Interviews


Karnavati Incubation and Innovation Foundation (KIIF) is a design business incubator that works on an amalgamation of design, technology and business principles. Located within the campus of Karnavati University, it has been formed to help start-up companies and entrepreneurs in their journey towards becoming successful businesses. Through its hallmark business assistance services, it would render much needed support to companies sprouting their way into the business world. The incubated companies will have access to corporate like workspaces, domain expert mentors and cutting-edge labs to take their idea to emerge out into a successful and profitable business venture.


· Establish a system so as to guide and help young entrepreneurs in
          a. Operationalizing the business
          b. Legal and regulatory compliances
          c. Business model creation
· Establish a system to help young entrepreneurs acquire funds for their growth and sustenance.
· Project and plan the activities to be carried out by the centre
· Prepare the annual budget of the centre
· Oversee and monitor the activities of the centre
· Submit an annual report of working of the centre to the management council
· Undertake any other task as may be assigned by the management to carry out the objectives of the board.

Mission & Vision

To nurture innovations so as to build innovation-based enterprises and create an ecosystem that would foster the entrepreneurial spirit among youth and help India become an innovative and creative society by providing an enabling environment.

Centre Head of KIIF

Amit Howladar officially took on the role of leading Karnavati Incubation and Innovation Foundation (KIIF)in July 2019. Under his direction, KIIF is looking forward to achieve its goal and fulfils its vision of inculcating entrepreneurial spirit among the students and help in fostering an innovative and creative society.

An alumnus of prestigious IIT Roorkee and IIM Calcutta, he has over fifteen years of work experience across large corporates and start-ups that he co-founded. His expertise lies in developing new businesses and improving processes and systems of existing enterprises.


Udit Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor

M.Des Product Design (NID), B.Tech. Mech. Eng. (Manav Rachna International Uni.)

Amar Gandhi

Senior Manager - Corporate Relations


Dr. Sunil Patel


Ph.D., MBA, B.Pharma

Ajay Chaudhary

Associate Director

M.Des. (Textile Design), NID Ahmedabad

Dipal Gajjar

Manager - Corporate Relations

Masters in Human Resource

Dr. Malay Patel

Assistant Dean & Associate Professor of Management

Ph.D. (Business Studies) (SP University), MBA(Bangalore University) M.Sc.(SP University), B.Sc.(SP University) UGC-NET, GSAT

Pre-Incubation Entrepreneurship Course
Guided classroom training and workshops to help students and young entrepreneurs in the following:

  • Understand the risk and reward in choosing entrepreneurship as a career option
  • Assist young entrepreneurs in identifying new business opportunities
  • Help them in making prototype
  • Well-designed exposure to critical business or technical support services

Incubation Coursework and Workshops
The incubated start-ups would have to undergo several modules of the incubation classroom program. These modules include all subjects that are deemed necessary to start an entrepreneurial journey. This would help budding entrepreneurs to bridge their knowledge gap and flourish to a successful entrepreneur.

Focussed Mentorship Support
Mentorship support would be provided by the incubator in the following ways:

  • A faculty member from within Karnavati University would be assigned to each company who would mentor and monitor the company on a day to day basis
  • The companies would have access to a selected pool of faculty members who have skills in some specialized fields.

Talks by Industry Experts
The incubator would call various industry experts to interact with the start-ups who benefit by knowing the latest trend in the industry from the industry insiders

Providing Co-Work Space
The companies that are selected to be incubated would be provided with co-working space at the incubator. The facilities that a incubated company expect are:

  • Office space with personal desk and chairs
  • Desktop computers
  • High Speed Internet
  • Meeting and conference rooms
  • Pantry facilities
  • Transportation in Karnavati University’s buses

Access to Labs
The incubated companies would have access to labs not only of the incubation facility but also of the institutes of the Karnavati University. The access to labs would be as per the guidelines of the specific lab.

Help in Company Registration
The incubator, through internal resources of KU or through special tie-ups, would help the start-ups in registering themselves with Registrar of Companies (RoC).

Help in IP and Patent Filing
The incubator, through internal resources of KU or tie-up with companies specializing in that field, would help the students to understand and file for IP and Patents.

Access to Bank Loans
The incubator would educate the incubated companies on ways and means to avail of 8 loans under different government schemes. The
incubator would also help connect the companies with the banks to avail with the loan.

Access to Angel Investor and Venture Capitalist Funding
The incubator would have tie-ups with various angel investors/ venture capitalist and their networks. The incubator would help the companies raise capital from these entities for growth and sustainability of their venture.

Government Grants
The incubator will facilitate the application for grants from various government agencies under various schemes like:

  • SSIP, Ministry of Education, Govt. of Gujarat
  • Start-up Gujarat grant, Industries Commissionerate, Govt. of Gujarat
  • Grants under Nidhi Prayas, Dept. of S&T, Govt. of India

Lecture on “Intellectual Property Rights, ...

I am a Star Entrepreneur Workshop

KIIF Invigoration 2019: Inauguration

KIIF Invigoration 2019: Selection of Ideas

Industry Connect Form