Workshop with Buddy Penford, De Montfort University

Ms. Buddy Penfold, Associate Professor, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK, visited UID campus on 28th November & 29th November 2018 for conducting a unique workshop with PG-1 (Textiles & Knitwear) students. During her presentation, she explained about the interrelationship between creativity, inspiration, color & form considering the comforts, pattern, scale, fiber texture, and colors. The students worked on beautiful inspirational pictures to paint them with colors expressing their creative bent through myriads of Fair Isle motifs. Later they were also taught about various kinds of emblem and embellishments that helped them to make a final sheet attaching their inspiration, color design, and placement. The two-day workshop provided the students with enough design exposure that will remain with them, in the long run, helping them experiment with their imagination and creativity.

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