Dr James J Nedumpara

In the recent session of the #DistinguishedPublicLectureSeries, Dr. James J Nedumpara addressed the aspiring law students on Climate Change and International Trade Law. Dr. James Nedumpara is an expert in International Trade Law who has also represented India at WTO. He voiced his opinions on a range of topics such as Investment in clean technologies, Shell as an organization and the Global Change Campaign, discussed countries where environmental laws are exercised very less, life cycle approach, so on and so forth. He also shed some lights on topics such as Paying for carbon, Price and market-based mechanism, Difference between trade and environmental rules, topics that are debated globally. Cases like US gasoline case and Superfund case were also discussed. The event ended with an interactive question-answer session, wherein the aspiring law student cleared their doubts and expanded their horizons of knowledge. 

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