Fastrack Design Project

In this first phase of the Fastrack – Student Design Project, selected students of UID from the diverse schools of fashion, lifestyle accessories & industrial design came together for an intensive 3 day research & brainstorming session on personality & consumer culture, and co-create concepts & storyboards relevant to the brand philosophy. The event started with a detailed audio-visual presentation about the brands Fastrack, Titan, and the parent organization, India’s biggest conglomerate, TATA Group. He elucidated the Brand positioning of the brand Fastrack, its target market, and the significance of its logo. He said that the main intention of this workshop is to better understand the students (who are the target market for Fastrack) as customers, take a firm step towards developing sustainable products and giving these students an opportunity to learn in the process. During the workshop, the students were asked to create storyboards representing their geography, lifestyle, preference of brands, preference for clothing, accessories etc. The entire exercise finally culminated in more than 100 story-board presentations from the participants.

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