Vespa Bazooka Design

“The live project, a replica of Vespa Bazooka, was a great experience for us. It was the first experience of making a full-scale scooter. We never knew the outcome would be this great.”, said an excited enthused student of UID who recently worked on a live project. Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID) is a place where imaginations become reality, a piece of metal becomes the Eiffel Tower and a piece of paper becomes a piece of art. Recently, seven budding design students from Automobile and Transportation Design Dept. (Semester-4) under the guidance of Assistant Professor Navneet Kumar and Rakesh Sharma restored a junk scooter to an army scooter by changing the overall aesthetics. This Scooter is a replica of Vespa Bazooka which has been used by the Army. Every Part of this scooter has been restored by Students under the guidance of mentors after college hours. The whole execution of the project is done by hands without any help of heavy and automated machinery.

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