Bram Rouws Wood Workshop

At UID, the five day –‘Bram Wood Workshop’ has been initiated with restricted 40 seats for the aspiring Interior Design students. Building a Louis XV leg furniture is the task for the students.

On the first day, the students were briefed with the history of LousiXV furniture. A comparison of the chair of LouisXIV, Louis XV, and Louis XVI, was explained. The ‘Cabriole leg’ was narrated in detail as well. The angular curve which is the main highlight of the furniture was made to draft through arithmetic calculation and geometry.

All the 40 students individually created different curve- ratio for 500mm height wooden leg.

The students now will be divided into groups of 2 and will start executing their design in highly equipped UID wood workshop.

On the second day, the students were moved to the workshop after their Louis XV leg drawings were selected.
With the log of wood given they were translating the curves as done in drawing by using
Bandsaw and Chiselmorizer machine, with necessary safety measures.

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