‘Business of Styling’ by Lina Tipnis and Niharika Tipnis

A workshop on ‘Business of Styling’ was conducted at the School of Fashion Design, UID, by renowned designer Lina Tipnis, Founder & Chief Mentor of Stylelogue Academy of Fashion and Niharika Tipnis, Co-Founder & Chief Stylist, Stylelogue Academy of Fashion.

On the first day of the workshop, students got acquainted with the Principles & Orientation of Styling. The importance of styling & critical analysis was one of the major topics for today’s discussion. The fundamentals of styling were also explored using practical tools.

On the second day of the workshop, students are exploring style mantas of known personalities and Stylelogue’s 11 Style Genres. During the session ‘Style Icons’, students learned to capture trends through style icons, who were fashion’s strong influencers.

Next day, the students got acquainted with ‘Accessory Appreciation’ and the ‘Art of Creating a Look’.

Accessory Appreciation deals with the Art of using appropriate bags, watches & jewellery in order to complete a look. Students also got involved in interesting activities during the ‘Art of Creating a Look’ wherein they learned different ways of creating looks based on various situations.

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