Draping a Corset in Calico!

Students of School of Fashion Design (Semester 5A/B), Unitedworld Institute of Design have put together an exhibition to showcase their design prowess and creative bent of mind in crafting Basic Corset in Calico which is the current trend in today’s fashion world. The mentor for the Contour Draping module was Assistant Prof. Rebecca D’Souza.

This “toile” is draped step by step and panel by panel using the right grain lines and adding boning in the princess line which technically gets the contoured look with reference to the Victorian Era of the 18th and 19th century.

They have created a draped toile and have done research on the History of corsets, Victorian-age and the problems that occurred and have come up with their own modified design and working on the research simultaneously for their variation, which is the process.

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