Faculty Development & Research Workshop

Unitedworld School of Law (UWSL) gave this opportunity to the academicians to enhance their researching skills and understand the methodologies. The FDP programme summarised the aspects relating to the literature review framing objectives collection of data analysing it and finally framing it into a research paper. This FDP intended to orient participants towards developing their own research plans with due attention to every stage of research.

Prof. Sitharamam Kakarala, a Professor at Azim Premji University, took the session. He was the Vice-Chancellor, Glocal University, Uttar Pradesh and prior to that, he was a Professor at the Centre for Culture and Society at the National Law School of India, Banglore.

He explained research as a long journey to bridge the gap between the initial point and the final destination. Wherein the starting point being the research question and the final destination is the conclusion and findings of the project. According to him the key features of empirical research are verifiability, generality, predictability and objectivity and in order to achieve these four elements, a researcher has to develop the ability of observation.

Towards the end of the session, he also elaborated as to what research problem means and how to frame a statement for it. The research scholars and academicians enthusiastically participated in his lecture.

In the end, Dr. Nachiketa Mittal, Associate Professor & In-charge Head of UWSL, awarded him with a memento.

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