Karnavati University DISPUTANDUM’19

The Academics Committee of the Student Governing Council is back with KU DISPUTANDUM’19-TO MAKE DECISIONS. 26th August- the preliminary round of the debate was started and students from all over KU participated. Some of the topics for the preliminary round were:

1) Should prostitution be legal in India?

2) violent videos games should be banned?

3) Are online dating apps helpful?

4) Should digital content be censored?

5) Is the current academic grading system helpful in performance?

6) The effects of video games.

Everyone debated with interesting insights on their opinions.

We had the faculty members of each department as our jury panel. The jury had faculty members from all the constituent colleges of Karnavati University.

There were 41 teams who participated in the 1st round and 8 teams got selected for the semi-final round to be held on 28th August 2019.

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