Mastering our Senses: AR & VR

What was once a distant dream possible only in science fiction movies, has now become a concrete reality. Yes, we are talking about Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), disruptive technologies that are becoming the next big things slowly but steadily. With vast applications, these innovations are unlocking a future of endless possibilities.

While demonstrating one of the awe-inspiring VR systems during the VR/AR presentation at the Interior Design department, Mr. Sunder Mahalingam, Assistant Professor, School of Visual Communication (Graphics), said, “Educating students about these advanced techs and their implementations in design is what we are looking forward to”.

He has been a strong proponent of the potential associated with the integration of technologies such as VR/AR in design education.

Topics covered during the presentation were VR revolution, Hands-on experience of VR simulators, VR Designing tools, VR as “Empathy machine” & problem-solving.

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