Moot Court Training Sessions by Memo Pundits

Unitedworld School of Law, Karnavati University has organized a three-day formal moot training by Memo Pundits for the aspiring law students (1st year, 2nd Year and 3rd Year) from August 9-11, 2019.

The training was conducted by the lawyers from the Tier-1 Law firms J Sagar Associates, L& L Partners Law Offices (Formerly Luthra & Luthra Partners) and former Associates of Amarchand Mangaldas & Shroff. This team works under the brand name of ‘Memo Pundits’ and are Alumni of NLUO.

The first session was delivered by Mr. Akash Chandra (Adv. Wadhwa law Chamber), which focused on the basic techniques of research for the better learning of a sample moot proposition provided to participants before conduction of the programme. The importance of online research tools and websites including Manupatra and SCC Online was scholarly discussed in the session.

The second session conducted by Mr. Anant Gupta, (CEO and Co-founder Memo Pundits) and Mr. Rachnendra Tripathi, (Co-Founder Head Memo Pundits) enlightened participants about the sample moot preposition provided to participants and steps of effectively interpreting and the techniques to draft impactful memorials on such prepositions.

The sessions were organized, as a convener, by Assistant Professor, Arunima Shastri, Faculty Advisor, KUMCS, UWSL and the Faculty Coordinators were Miss. Nishtha Agrawal (Assistant Professor of Law), Mr. Nityanand Jha (Assistant Professor of Management), Mr. Jehirul Islam (Assistant Professor of Law) and the sessions were further lined up for the next two days.

The Unitedworld School of Law, for the excellence of its student and depth of its curriculum, organised three-day Moot Court Training sessions from 9th to 11th Aug’19 with Memo Pundits, a team of talented mooters and researchers.

The sessions comprised of an introduction to moot court and a brief on creation and drafting of memorials by Mr. Anant Gupta (CEO and Co-Founder of Memo Pundits) and Mr. Rachnendra Tripathi (Co-Founder Head Memo Pundits) followed by a session on resources and researching for the moot court by Mr. Akash (Adv Wadhwa Law Chamber). Also, with a lecture by Ms. Priyanka (From JSA) on “How to argue your case”, students got a brief knowledge on the procedures for the moot court, with the research required behind it and topping it with the skills to present in the court itself.

After a very interactive session on giving insight about mooting and research to all students which trained them for the upcoming moot court competitions on different levels, it was ended with a Vote of Thanks by Dr. Nachiketa Mittal (Associate Professor & In-charge Head of UWSL) to the team of Memo Pundits.

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