Mumbai Study Trip

The 20 students of 1st semester -Masters in Interior Design were on their module trip of MIED-Interior Styling to Mumbai. Mumbai is the epicentre of fashion and also holds the two ends of the socio-economic lookout, variation in design could be seen from luxury -to-ornamentation -to -recycling/upcycling as an inspiration for design.

The trip started with visiting BARO, a brand shop, with an interactive session with Mr. Siddarath Sirohi, students were exposed to see the practical implementation of a theme into installations narrated through a storyline. ‘The Peacock Store’ was visited where a vintage look was seen in their furniture styling.
Next day rotates around understanding the ethos of Mumbai City.and how the influence of Art Deco is prominently visible in buildings and all its Interior Spaces from a doorknob, flooring, pastel colours, curves in furniture etc. A visit to the old heritage site at Kalagoda circle and its transformation to an Art Gallery gave a sensible understanding of Interior Design approach to Adaptive -use.
The streets of Mumbai has a life of itself, which was ventured out by students at Mangal Das market. The market showcases each lane individually for products as Jewellery street, lighting street, interior accessories street and so on. UID students were accompanied by Prof. Kishori Dalwadi for the three-day trip.

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