Regional Principal’s Conference: KU & ICTRC

In today’s fast-paced life while it’s tough to be a good parent it is equally tough for a child to remain within the mental happiness state of mind that a child should be in as well, research indicates that depression can be experienced by a child as early as 3 years old and it is extremely important for both parents & teachers to be sensitised on indicators of such depression in children of all ages right from 3 years to adolescence. Certain indicators of a troubled mental health if not addressed early can turn into a larger problem requiring clinical intervention as well. Schools & Universities have a large responsibility indeed.

INSTITUTE OF COUNSELLOR TRAINING RESEARCH AND CONSULTANCY & KARNAVATI UNIVERSITY partnered together for the Regional Principal’s Conference – Ahmedabad, an initiative by ICTRC to sensitise Principals of Schools on the trends, cases, solutions & more importantly indications of depression in children. The Event started with Karnavati University Provost Dr. Deepak Shishoo giving an inspiring & heart-warming talk on “Achieving Mental Well – Being for Children – – The Role of Schools & Universities”, Dr. Shishoo drew from his own vast experiences along with his many interactions with Students & Parents over the many years of his illustrious career as a Teacher, Administrator, Provost & a Parent and shared heartening stories which gave a very practical and extremely important perspective to Mental Well-being for children. The Principals got an insight to the topic and drew inspiration from Dr. Shishoo on his perspective to the Role of Schools & Universities in ensuring that along with with Education the Mental well-being of a child is also nurtured.

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