Shino Sato ‘Transformational Reconstruction’ Workshop

Shingo Sato, an innovative pattern maker and designer, is one of the leading figures of a new movement in the fashion industry.

His ‘Transformational Reconstruction’ is a combination of techniques of flat patternmaking and three-dimensional draping on the dress form.

Shingo Sato is conducting a 3-day workshop at UID, School of Fashion Design.

Today, on the first day, he shared some of his work with students- futuristic shapes and origami in complex shapes in a range of colours.

Step by step demonstration led to the students making a bodice and a skirt, experimenting with basic patterns to create complex shapes and challenge existing lines on patterns. The workshop is also challenging in terms of innovative ideas and the speed of sewing.

The second day of the workshop saw Shingo Sato demonstrate some advance techniques of Transformational Reconstruction through draping, balloon technique and box integration technique to create garments that are innovative in their design, construct and challenge the conventional realization techniques. Students are exploring and experimenting with these new techniques that allow them to push their boundaries in terms of style lines, fits and volume.

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