‘Spatial Narratives’ workshop with Ar. Yatin Pandya

The workshop – ‘Spatial Narratives: Timeless and Experiential Engaging Spaces’ was conducted by Ar. Yatin Pandya, who is an author, activist, academician, researcher as well as a practicing architect with his firm FOOTPRINTS E.A.R.T.H. (Environment Architecture Research Technology Housing).

The 3-day workshop with the participation of 85 students of School of Interior Design, had an interactive and engaging experience where design is translated as a dialogue for encoding and giving clues to the user for the perseverance of space. One & a Half day ( 36 hours) of dedicated work was undertaken by students in a group of 8, to transfer their space conception and space perception into a 3-D design model, explored in different material, as per their emotional footage ideas.

The faculties who were part of this workshop were Associate Professor Kishori Dalwadi, Assistant Professor Kriti Malkani and Assistant Professor Ruchita Mistry.

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