Wood Workshop By Bram Rouws

“Wood Crafting with Bram Rouws” is a hands on carpentry workshop organised by the School of Interior Design at the fully-equipped workshops of Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID). The workshop started with an introduction of custom made hardwood furniture design which gave the students a glimpse of the process in producing custom furniture. He also introduced various types of machinery used while producing such masterpiece. Bram had introduced the different jigs to be used for the furniture intended and the method of working. An enthusiastic bunch of students have started working on creating the masterpiece. Bram Rouws is a renowned furniture designer from Limoges, France. He belongs to a reputed guild of professional master craftsmen called the “Compagnon”. Bram was knighted into the guild after pursuing the arduous “Tour de France” for 7 year working with different companies in different cities around the world before making his masterpieces. Bram started his wood crafting workshop in Mysuru in 2017 to create bespoke furniture’s.

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