1st Townhall Session of UWSB

For the first time at Unitedworld School of Business (UWSB), Townhall session was held successfully on 25th January 2020 for all the students of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programme. The objective of the Townhall session is to offer a platform to the student fraternity of BBA programme. It is also to encourage them to align their focus, energy, effort and intent in the larger interest of the B-School.

With the support of faculty members, CSD team and staff, the concerns, queries, and initiatives are given proper attention and they may be regularly planned, guided, executed and reviewed for the attainment of common objectives and interests of UWSB.

The 1st Townhall session was based on the theme: Improving the experience of the student learning environment at UWSB. It was well-received. Students, faculty, and CSD team have participated with full vigour and dedication. Several queries and concerns have been attended. In the near future, we shall have the Townhall sessions regularly to meet the expectations of the student fraternity.

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