Avni Sethi

Avni Sethi, Founder-Director of Conflictorium and a renowned dancer, visited USLM recently. An interdisciplinary performer, Avni describes Feminism as a journey where one is not afraid to ask questions. There is an unbending relationship between femininity and vulnerability which our masculine society has not embraced yet, she says. Avni shared a lot of stories to explain how this leads to the degeneration of society.

The talk explored the impacts of vulnerability in culture, memory, space and most importantly, the body. Her performances are largely inspired by the semantics of Syncretism and dance is the syntax of her art. She believes culture and politics go hand in hand all over the world and culture practices always have a political language.

Students of USLM experienced a mesmerizing performance that attempted to travel from the earthly romance to the timeless imagery of love, from form to the formless, from prose to poetry, overcoming shackles of the body.

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