In conversation with Inventor of #hashtag

The inventor of #hashtag, Chris Messina had a discussion with the students of UID recently. During the informal talk session, students were encouraged to shoot questions and Chris answered them all patiently. He discussed technology, it’s impact on humans, the future of technology and so on.

The students started with a few questions of his life journey, which led us from #Hashtag to him working in Uber. While his journey kept them engaged in the conversation, many of the participants were shocked to know that # had yet not been patented.

“My only goal was, that people use it”, he said, a truly inspiring figure!

The conversation continued with him answering questions of people who were concerned about rapidly changing technology and its impact on our day to day life.

As the one hour passed by, the students explored from the depths of the Silicon Valley to the depths of technology, giving them a better vision about what is there and what the future has for everyone.

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