Industry Connect

Some of the best designers in the country, who are spearheading their respective companies in various domains of design, interacted with the students of UID through Industry Connect 2020. The goal was to provide the students with maximum corporate exposure and orient them towards their career linked with their academic ventures- be it in an organization or as an entrepreneur.

The dignitaries who were an integral part of Industry Connect were Mr. Shrikant Vishwadeo Deo, Senior Manager- UX Design, ORACLE, Mr. Anuj Prasad, Founder & CEO, Desmania Design, Mr. Neelu Dhar, Studio Director-Projects, Morphogenesis, Mr. Arun Kumar, Casual Design Head-Menswear, Raymond, Mr. Amrish Kumar Shahi, Design Head, LEE.

Industry Connect is a wonderful initiative by UID Career Services Dept. wherein the bigwigs of the Design Industry, innovators, design start-up strategists, lead designers, CEOs of top-tier companies are invited on campus to have interactive sessions with the students. They share their experiences and guide the students towards a glorious career.

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