Kutch Study Trip – Fashion Design Dept.

The School of Fashion Design, UID organised a study trip to Kutch for a group of students to introduce students with various cultures and it’s effects on design. Students have visited Khamir (NGO) to see how recycling of plastic waste was converted into fabrics and then into products like bags, carpets etc. They also saw kala cotton and wool weaving process.

The next place they visited was Ajrakhpur where they saw the breathtaking process of making Ajrakh Printing by the master craftsman Dr. Ismail Khatri. Later, they visited a small village Kukma where the master Artisan Tejsinhhbhai who showed his art of kharad weaving.

Students learnt a lot and were benefited by such practical exposure. Assistant Director Khushboo Bharati, Associate Professor Manish Patel and Assistant Professor Meenakshi Verma are accompanying the students on the study trip.

On day 2,3,& 4, students visited Rann Utsav at the white desert of Gujarat, Kalo Dungar, Kala Raksha (NGO) to see the vibrant embroideries, patchwork and mirror work of Gujarat.

They also visited Nirona Village to witness a breathtaking process demonstration of Rogan Art by Master Craftsman Rizwan Khatri, Bell Making process, lacquer on woodwork, puppet market. Then they proceeded to visit LLDC museum and Hira Laxmi Craft Park to see the curated exhibit of all world-famous arts of Gujarat. The 4-day study trip ended with a visit to Batik Printing at Mandvi. Students also got the opportunity to visit Vijay Vilas Palace and a relaxing end at Beautiful Mandvi Beach.

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