Masterclass on Interaction Design

UID organised an informative Masterclass on Interaction Design by Mr. Alok Nandi, President, IxDA (Interaction Design Association).

The session started with a wonderful audio-visual presentation wherein Mr. Alok introduced the concepts of Interaction Design and systems thinking. He discussed various design problems and the essential role of Interaction Design in solving those problems.

He elucidated how Interaction Design is different from other object or visual-based designs and also emphasised its importance as a new domain.

In the 2nd session, the students were divided into groups of 6 and they identified key problems in a food delivery system and explored the different solutions focused on sustainability.

During the final session, students presented their ideas in front of the guest speaker and UID faculty. Mr. Alok Nandi was overwhelmed by the level of creativity and the critical thinking ability of the students.

Ms. Eija Salmi, Secretary General, CUMULUS (International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media) was also present during this Masterclass on Interaction Design.

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