‘Sab ka Khel’ event

Sports & Development Committee of PGDM came up with their first-ever event – ‘Sab Ka Khel’. The event was conducted on 17th & 18th of February, 2020. Around 64 students (divided into 8 teams) participated in the event that included both boys & girls from PGDM semester 2. The event was well managed by the respective Organisers, Volunteers & Mr. Raeesuzzma Vali Mohammed Kagdi (Physical Trainer, Karnavati University).

The winner of the Tournament was ‘Power Hitter’ lead by Taruna Chellani whereas the Runner up of the tournament was Gully Boys lead by Harsh. Winners & Runner up teams received medal & Trophy along with Certificates that were distributed by Dr. Kishore Bhanushali, Dr. Himanshu Barot & Raees Sir.

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