Speculative Environments Design Studio

Speculative Environments Design Studio is an initiative by the School of Interior Design at UID, Karnavati University.

It is a critical design practice that uses fiction and hypothesizes on future products, spaces, services, systems and worlds, thus reflectively examining the role and impact of new technologies on everyday life.

Having come up with elaborate stories and a visual timeline, an informal exhibition on 13th Feb 2020 was initiated and organized by the students to invite feedback on their storied worlds from their peers as well as the students and faculty members from other departments of UID.

The display was a grand success as it allowed the students to gain confidence about doing something new that not only started relevant conversations but also facilitated constructive comments on the content and presentation of their world narratives.

Having finished with the world-building process, students will now move on to exploring their individual projects within the envisaged worlds in 2050.

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