Visit to Jaipur Lit Fest

In the depth of the ocean of literature, lies a hidden treasure of human beauty, the enchanting glory of mankind, the wealth of knowledge, wisdom, lexicon, ideology and the richness of culture.

The Jaipur Literature Fest is a magnificent experience in itself, the stage for the world to celebrate the reflection of life: literature. Running beyond the boundary of language, regions and culture, the fest put in every bit of literature to its audience, from poetry to novels, from stories to ideologies. With authors, novelist, historian, poets, publishers anchoring at one place every mind attending the fest gain a unique nourishment to bloom.

It is an absolute delight to hear great men and women from across the globe. From personality like Shubha Mudgal, Tom Holland, Prasoon Joshi, to celebs like Elizabeth Gilbert and many more Jaipur literature fest is indeed the greatest platform in the name of literature.

The students of USLM along with their faculty members will continue to bring stories from #jaipurliteraturefest.

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