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Announcement Admission
December 11, 2020

5 Career Opportunities You Can Explore After Studying Fashion Design

Fashion design is a creatively rewarding field and after having completed your bachelor of fashion design, there are a lot of career options to choose from. You can go on to work in studios to high street retail outlets or get into manufacturing operations, there is a wide range of employment opportunities in areas such as design work, creation, and even marketing. If you are a student of fashion design, here are a few career opportunities you can explore after completing the course: 
  • Fashion designer: After completing your fashion design course, you can go own to launch your own label and become a fashion designer. This is the job for those who are creative as well as passionate about fashion. Besides having a good practical knowledge of drawing, sewing, and design skills, you must also be good with business and finance. Besides, launching your own label, you can work for big brands and other design-houses. Either way, you will get to spend being creative and producing products that will one day be worn and loved by others.
  • Celebrity stylist: How do actors, models and other celebrities manage to look good always? Well, the credit goes to celebrity stylists. As a celebrity stylist, you will have to put together a look for a particular shoot and for an occasion. Besides having a good understanding of styling, you need to work with the person who conceptualises the clothes and who is going to wear it.
  • Textile designer: There is a huge demand for textile designers these days. Textile designers are professionals who create and design the textile that is used as a product, for making apparels and many other products. They design fabrics, yarns by different processes like weaving. As a textile designer, you will find yourself working with manufacturing companies that design and develop ideas for fabrics.
  • Visual merchandiser: As a visual merchandiser, you will get to work with retail brands. You will be responsible for putting together the visual presentation and arrangements for items that are on sale. The job requires you not to be just creative but also be strategic approach in your approach as the idea behind creating eye-catching product displays is to attract customers to buy the items.
  • PR specialist: After completing your fashion degree, you can also go on to handle the marketing or the public relations of a fashion brand. From spreading the word about the upcoming fashion events to writing press releases, you will have to find innovative ways to help the brand maintain a favourable public image.  
Whatever you choose or end up doing in the fashion world, it is one field that is creatively exciting. If you want to give your career a kickstart, then start with professional training. Our B.Design Fashion Design is structured to give you a holistic understanding of fashion. At Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID), one of the leading fashion design colleges in Ahmedabad, you will get to learn from industry experts and experienced faculty members. You will also get to intern with some of the best names in the industry.