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Announcement Admission
January 26, 2022

Design Books that Students Planning to Pursue Graphic Design must Read

Brands use printed and digital designs to attract the eye of their audience and promote their product or service. From brochures to product labels, from marketing emails to billboards, graphics are everywhere. Behind every brand’s visual campaign is a graphic designer or team of graphic designers that come up with visual concepts to tell a story. For students planning to pursue a bachelor of graphic design, it is important that they read books on graphic design that offer invaluable insights.   Here we share with you design books that help students understand how brands use visual concepts to tell stories that help them stand out:  

  1. Just My Type ‍by Simon Garfield: A big part of graphic design is the fonts. Graphic designers use different types of fonts to speak to their audience in subtle ways. For students who wish to understand typography, this book is an ideal one. The book delves into where fonts come from and why there is a need for so many. It explains why businesses do not use comic sans font for their communications and Why Times New Roman has a businesslike appeal.
  2. How to by Michael Bierut: This book is a design manual written by successful graphic designer Michael Bierut who is known for creating iconic logos for Saks Fifth Avenue and Mastercard. The best part about this book is that it is not limited to creative aspects. It rather explains how graphic designs can be used to sell products and services, explain things and make an emotional impact. He talks about his creative process and the challenges graphic designers face.
  3. Interaction of Color by Josef Albers: Visual communication is all about how different colors interact with each other. This book is the ultimate guide for graphic designers, artists, and others on how they use the right color strategy to make them grab attention. Written almost 50 years ago, the book delves into the principles of complex color theories. There are over 50 case studies that offer students some insights into the practical application of these theories.
  4. Graphic Design Visionaries by Caroline Roberts: This book features some of the world’s most influential designers. It not only talks about their significant works that have shaped the industry but also their personal stories. For students who are looking for inspiration to make it big in the field of graphic design, this book is a must-read.

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