Filling of 156 IPs by Karnavati University, all in a single day

Filling of 156 IPs by Karnavati University, all in a single day on September 11, 2021

Inspired by the Government of Gujarat’s Student Start-up and Innovation Policy (SSIP), Karnavati University undertook the rigorous task of producing and filing 156 IPs of different innovations by students and academicians – all in a single day on September 11, 2021. The record number of IP filings was the fruit of the hard work and ingenuity of at least 144 student teams and 20 faculty members at Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID), which is affiliated with Karnavati University.

The 156 filings, which underwent three stages of vetting, include seven patents, 77 design IPs, 59 copyright filings and 13 trademarks, among others. The IPs filed were themed around mobility design, automobile and transportation design, global design, fashion design, textile, visual communications, product design, interior design, lifestyle accessories design and animation and motion graphics.

The felicitation ceremony was organized to celebrate the intellectual achievement of students and faculty members and the academic community of Karnavati University The entire exercise was facilitated by Mr. Jaideep Bannerjee, Head of Incubation, Karnavati University.

The journey began six months back when a team of students and faculty members, led by Col. Surojit Bose, Prof. Jayanti Panchal and Mr. KK Singh undertook the ambitious task of preparing for filing IP under various categories such as Patent, Design, Copyright and Trademarks.”

Karnavati University’s ignited minds were motivated by Shri Ritesh Hada, President of the varsity. Apart from several hours of laboratory and studio work, the team was further prepared and coached through series of workshops organised by the varsity including one on one mentoring sessions with the Vice-Chancellor, Dr. AKS Suryavanshi.

Karnavati University plans to continue supporting student innovations by facilitating research and development, design, and product development. Karnavati University believes that the journey towards innovation has commenced well and needs to have a constant pursuit for excellence to create Intellectual Property instruments – which is now it’s renewed mission.

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