News Paper Draping Workshop

  • Date : 29th October 2021
  • Venue : G Block UID Campus
  • Organized by : Manish Patel from the CRC team UID/KU
  • Attended by : 25 Students of Pahal Institute-Chandigarh
  • Objective : Marketing promotion to tap students for intake 2022
  • Description :

A News Paper Draping Workshop was conducted by Mr. Manish Patel from the CRC team for Pahal Institute-Chandigarh’s students who visited UID campus on 29th October 2021. Total 25 Students participated in this 2 hours’ workshop. A demonstration was given to create newspaper garments in very quick and simply way yet can be converted with a creative approach using various themes. Students who were unfamiliar to fashion design process, but had aspirations to become Fashion Designers in future by taking up a 4-year study program in Fashion Design at UID, tried their hands on their first attempt to create unique garments made out of old newspaper, scissors, glue and staplers.

Outcome : Students created their self-designed garments directly on student models and they walked with their first take on fashion garments in a small fashion show organised at the end of the workshop. Concept, Design, Execution of Design and Final Presentation was done in just 2 hours’ duration of the workshop. Students liked the workshop and were excited to join design course offered by UID. Excellent feedback was given by the students and the centre Directors and Faculty members of Pahal visiting UID campus.

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