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Announcement Admission
October 28, 2020

How to Improve Your Visual Content? Tips for Students Planning to Pursue a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication

Whether it is an animate infographic or a brand log, the design has to speak to the audience visually. In today’s technological world, visual communication is a powerful tool to convey your message to the audience. A bachelor in visual communication helps you learn how to blend art and technology to communicate your message more effectively. The course will give you an in-depth understanding of various technological tools, devices and mediums to bring out a message through a visual form. If you are planning to pursue bachelor in visual communication, here are some tips to improve your visual content: ● Create a visual strategy: Creating great visual content is not just about the creative process. It is also about planning. Keep your audience in mind when you are planning to create visual content. Purpose, narrative, timing and audience are some of the strategic elements that you should keep in mind. Doing some background on your audience’s interests can help you get going. ● Use eye-catching colors but not too many: Colors have a vital role to play in visual content. Colors can sway your audience and cause them to think about your content. Use colors in such a way that what you are trying to communicate stands out. It is a general rule not to use more than five colors in a single layout. Colors should be used with caution. They should not take over the narrative. ● Go for striking images: When preparing your visual content, be sure to use high quality and eye-catching images. You can use royalty-free images or create custom graphics and photos. When using visuals, make sure it is of the right resolution. If your visual content is detail-oriented, then a high-resolution image is recommended. ● Get the creative basics right: There are some visual communication basics that you should get right. First of all, have a single focal point in your image. Do not have too many visual elements as it may get difficult to get the attention of the audience. Make sure there’s enough contrast. Have the right balance between colors so that it is easier for the audience to read and understand. Resist the temptation of using fonts that make it hard for the audience to read. ● Make use of visual editing tools: If you wish to convert a simple image into a high-quality visual, visual editing software can help you achieve the desired result. If you are studying to become a visual designer, knowledge of visual editing tools are a must. Besides enhancing photos, visual editing tools can be used for creating visual effects as well as image clipping. For a lucrative career in visual communication, pursue your bachelor from a reputed university like ours. Our B.Design Visual Communication (Graphics) is designed to help students gain a thorough understanding of design thinking and experiential learning. In our well-designed studios and state-of-the-art digital Infrastructure with modern technologies such as AR/VR lab, you can get hands-on training that would help in your career. As a student of visual communication, you will get the opportunity to specialize in UI/UX & digital design or branding, publication and advertising.