Celebration of National Education Day

Date: 11th November 2021                Venue: Online

1. A webinar on “Celebration of National Education Day” was conducted on 11th November 2021 through online Zoom Link.

2. Dr. Deependra Sharma, Dean, UWSB, welcomed all the participants to the webinar and introduced the Key Note Speaker Dr. A K S Suryavanshi, Vice Chancellor, Karnavati University and Sri. S Kumar Chandar, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Bangalore.

3. Dr.Suryavanshi presented a detailed note on “Omni-channel of Academic Delivery.” He emphasized on the fact that in the current scenario, education cannot be just taught in the class room setting; and new and innovative ways have to be discovered for delivery of education.

He also touched upon how the delivery of Education has changed over the past 300 years; from education 1.0 to education 4.0; from a full time, classroom setting to a remote learning setting and the challenges faced in adopting the new ways like how the conventional degree is reaching at cross roads, slow adoption of change in schools and the “Me Too” approach of following each other’s approach.Dr. Suryavanshi also articulated on the fact that faculties and students should also be willing to adopt the changing education system by incorporating changes in their ways and approach.

4. Dr. S Kumar Chandar presented a detailed note on “Quality and Excellence in Higher Education”. He articulated on the fact that due the Covid-19 pandemic, the move from Globalization 2.0 to Globalization 3.0 using digitalization, automation and hyper automation and the power shifting to the South East Asian region is bringing about a change in the current Indian education system. He emphasized that moving forward, NBIC: Nano Technology, Bio-Technology, Information Technology and Cognitive Technologies will provide major job opportunities for students for the next 40-50 years and colleges should impart these technologies to their students.

Dr. Chandar also suggested that to achieve excellence in education, active learning, project-based learning, on task learning, simulation and experimental learnings should be adopted and initially moving from I-shaped learning to T- shaped learning; inter disciplinary to trans disciplinary learning model, then to Pi- shaped learning and finally to Comb shaped leaning model.

5.A total of 84 participants attended the webinar including faculties and students from various schools.


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