Thought, Tussle and Triumph… – Entre-Talk

Date: 26th November 2021                                                        Venue: G-Block, UID, KU

1. An Entrepreneur Talk on “Thought, Tussle and Triumph…” was conducted on 26th November 2021 at G-Block, UID, KU.

2. Dr.A K S Suryavanshi, Vice Chancellor, KU welcomed all the participants to the session and felicitated the startup founders Mr. Roshan Rawal, CEO, Exposit Immersive Solution Private Limited, Mr. Yash Bhatt, CEO, The Brook and Blooms and Mr. Aditya Dave, CEO, Cibos Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd.

3. Mr. Omkarnath Rath, Manager,KIIF welcomed the speakers to session and asked them to share a brief about their company and their workings.

4. Mr. Roshan is working towards bringing AR/VR technology as a training tool to all industries, Mr. Yash is converting the waste from temples into sustainable products and Mr. Aditya is working towards empowering the street vendor with complete e-kart solutions.

5. Mr. Rath then asked the speakers to share their thoughts and struggle while starting their ventures and requested them to share their inspirations behind their startups.

6. All speakers shared their journey one by one, as to how they have been inspired from attending entrepreneurial events organized by their respective colleges, started with a small idea and moved on from there to build a successful startup.

7. Mr. Yash from The Brook and Blooms told that during their initial stages, he used to travel to their nearby temples to collect their waste and was composting them in his own back yard. He then went to state that, one visit of officials from the Municipal Corporation Ahmedabad, really fueled their journey to a diversified portfolio of 12+ products and employing rag-pickers in large numbers.

8. Mr. Aditya Dave from Cibos Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd conveyed that his love for street food inspired him to start his venture to upgrade the food vendors. He stated that he used to take a lot of risk in his early days of startup and would develop and deliver the products like “heated food carrying bag” in 15 days’ time and how this propelled him to keep pushing harder and moving forward. He urged the participants to follow their passion and start thinking.

9. Mr. Roshan Rawal, then told a story of how it’s difficult for industries to train their employees to operate machineries using just power point. He then developed a low-cost customized AR/VR solution which enabled the trainer to re-enact real life situations and train their employees effectively. He also conveyed that the solution can be implemented in any of colleges and universities as virtual tour.

10. Mr. Omkar thanked the guests for sharing their journey with the participants.The entire team of KIIF urged the students to start thinking about innovative solutions to solve daily problems and support required in any form will be provided by the university.

11. A total of 90 participants attended the talk including faculties and students from various schools.


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