Entrepreneur Talk Series

Entrepreneur Talk Series: – Fireside chat with women Entrepreneurs

Date:   9th December 2021                       Venue: G-Block Auditorium, Main campus, KU

1. Karnavati University in association with KIIF, SSIP, IIC and Indian Women Network (IWN), Gujarat organized the Episode 2 of Entrepreneur Talk Series – “Fire Side Chat with Women Entrepreneurs” on Thursday, December 9,2021 from 1400-1500 hrs. at Karnavati University, Gandhinagar.
2. Women today play a vital and leading role in every field of Business or profession thus contributing to the economic development of the nation.
3. The three women entrepreneurs namely: –
        1. Nikita Lalwani, Founder of Crooze App.
        2. Bhavna Udernani, Founder of Adhaan Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
        3. Monica Yadav, Founder of Respire Experiential Learning.
Visited the campus and interacted with more than 75 students talking about their journey from how they started and what are the difficulties they are facing in their journey of entrepreneurship.
4. Students asked about various doubts in their mind like how industry reacts to presence of women in business? How can women step out of their comfort zone? What are government supports available? etc.


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