Entrepreneurship as a Career Option

Entrepreneurship as a Career Option: A Global Perspective

         Date: 30th November 2021                              Venue: Online

  1. A Webinar  on  “Entrepreneurship  as  a Career  Option”  was  conducted on  30th November 2021 online  via zoom.
  1. Dr. Deependra Sharma  welcomed the guest  Speaker, Ms. Marlina Ramchandran, Program Officer, ELLA      Accelerator, Innovation York, York University, Canda.
  2. The  session  started with Ms. Ramchandran  briefly  explaining the Startup  landscape in Canada and how startups have  survived  the  ups  and  down  of the  market and  climate  condition in Canada.
  1. Then   the   guest  speaker  touched upon   the   fact  that   the   biggest  challenge anybody faces  is the  fear  of starting. The first step  towards entrepreneurship is very hard  and  takes a lot of courage and  determination. Once  someone brings themselves to take  the  first step, then  the subsequent journey becomes a habit.
  2. Ms. Marlina then gave  a few examples of the  challenges faced  by Startups and entrepreneurs alike,  the  fear  of rejection,  the  fear  of failure,  the  fear  of not taking  bold decisions and  so on. She then  told that  an entrepreneur should  not focus  their  mind on these aspects and  must  focus  on their  innovation and  way forward and  she  also stated that  failure is very important in the  field on startup and  it teaches what  not to do.
  3. She  then  concluded  her  talks  with  the  fact  that  students should  take  the  first step  towards entrepreneurship as  soon  as  possible as  it will give  them ample time  to judge for themselves, if entrepreneurship is a career option  for them. If you fail the  journey no issues, move  on but  one  must  take  the  first step.
  4. The event was  attended by 120 students and  10 faculty  members.

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