Ideation and Creative Thinking

Date: 24th November 2021        Venue: UWSB, North Campus, KU

1. A workshop on “Ideation and Creative Thinking” was conducted on 24th November 2021 at UWSB, North Campus, KU

2. The session included knowledge about business ideas without causing or disturbing our ecosystem, and how most of the business plans fail because of not paying attention to the cause and impact of how it is affecting the environment.

3. The workshop highlighted the three major point to keep in mind for successful business:

            • Economy

            • Suitability

            • Socio – culture

4. The session included an activity where students came up with their own creative ideas. The students presented various aspects of how to approach a problem keeping in mind, how the solution should also be helpful to the society as well as the environment.

5. The 2 hours long workshop was attended by 38 students and 4 faculty members.  

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