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Announcement Admission
September 2, 2023

Industrial Visit to Thar Dry Port, Sanand, Ahmedabad

On 26th August, a group of students from Karnavati University had the privilege of participating in an educational industrial visit to the Thar Dry Port located in Sanand, Ahmedabad. The industrial visit to Thar Dry Port provided an excellent opportunity for students to gain first-hand insights into the intricate world of cargo and container logistics. The visit aimed to enhance the student’s understanding of how goods are transported, managed, and stored efficiently within a dry port facility. Thar Dry Port, known for its advanced logistics operations, was an ideal destination for this educational experience. The visit commenced with Mr. Raghunath Ram (Sr.Manager) briefing about an overview of Thar Dry Port’s history, its significance as a hub for trade, and its contribution to the regional economy. The students were briefed about the port’s strategic location and the various modes of transportation connected to it by the General Manager Mr. Hitesh Jadhav. During the visit, students were guided through various aspects of the dry port’s operations. The visit highlights included:

  1. Cargo Handling Processes:
Students were taken to the cargo handling area, where they observed the systematic unloading, sorting, and loading of various types of cargo. The port’s efficient handling techniques were highlighted, emphasizing the importance of minimizing time and cost while ensuring the safety of goods.
  1. Container Management:
The students witnessed the management of containers, both for import and export. The port’s inventory control system and container tracking methods were explained, showcasing how technology plays a pivotal role in monitoring container movements and ensuring their timely availability.
  1. Warehousing Facilities:
Thar Dry Port boasts state-of-the-art warehousing facilities. During the visit, students were guided through the warehouses, gaining insights into the storage arrangements for different types of cargo. The port’s focus on optimizing space and streamlining retrieval processes was evident.
  1. Technological Integration:
A significant aspect of the visit was the demonstration of various technological solutions employed at the port. This included RFID-based tracking systems, automated cargo handling equipment, and inventory management software. Students learned how these technologies enhance efficiency and reduce human error.
  1. Challenges and Solutions:
In an interactive session, port representatives discussed the challenges faced in cargo and container logistics. These challenges included customs clearance, regulatory compliance, and congestion during peak seasons. The solutions employed by the port to address these issues were also highlighted.
  1. Environmental Sustainability:
Thar Dry Port showcased its commitment to environmental sustainability. Students were shown initiatives like solar power utilization, waste management practices, and eco-friendly packaging options. This highlighted the port’s responsibility towards minimizing its ecological footprint.   The industrial visit to Thar Dry Port was an enriching experience for the students. It provided valuable insights into the complexities of cargo and container logistics, highlighting the importance of well-coordinated operations, advanced technology, and sustainable practices. The visit succeeded in enhancing the students’ understanding of real-world logistics challenges and solutions, contributing to their academic and practical knowledge in the field.