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Announcement Admission
September 4, 2023

Qala Palooza

 Qala Palooza Event

A fundraiser by the Interior Design Department was an amalgamation of fun food and festivities. The event was a perfect recipe for an unforgettable day – a dash of creativity, a pinch of laughter, and a whole lot of flavor. The event unfolded into a tapestry of experiences, laughter resonated amidst bites, fostering connections and conversations that extended beyond the classrooms. As the event concluded, a sense of fulfillment lingered in the air – the satisfaction of expanding one’s horizons and contentment.

Qala Palooza – Installation

A surreal dream manifests as elements in the installation at Qala Palooza- a play of the five senses to captivate and engage in the surroundings. A huge melting ice cream- a treat to tantalize the palate, merging into the ground. An interplay of color and flowers to unveil the sense of smell – sits in vivid contrast to furniture made of coarse textures. The entire installation reflects its glimpses on the centrally placed mirror, distorting and unveiling atypical compositions. This multifaceted curation of elements was the median of the event, where students interacted with it in various ways- leading to serendipitous interpretations.

Qala Palooza – Cultural Night

Draped in the vibrant hues of tradition, the cultural night was a mesmerizing tapestry of heritage and artistry. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the stage came alive with the rhythmic pulse of traditional dances and soul-stirring melodies. The energy in the air was electric, each move infused with passion and reverence for the past. Every dancer was a storyteller, their graceful gestures and exuberant footwork weaving tales of generations past.

The vibe was enchanting, as if time had taken a pause to let us relive the essence of our roots. The beats of ancient drums resonated with our hearts, while the melodic tunes transported us to another era. Amidst the flicker of torches, the students’ dedication and devotion illuminated the night. Their talent shone like stars, leaving an indelible mark on everyone’s heart.