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Announcement Admission
May 31, 2022

Students Planning to Pursue B.B.A. Marketing: Here’s a Good Read on Team Management

“I’m not the smartest fellow in the world, but I sure can pick smart colleagues.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt, former President of the United States   The importance of effective team management skills comes as no surprise to students who wish to take up managerial roles in the corporate world.  Managing a team, creating a positive work environment and keeping employees motivated are all important aspects of team management. If you are planning to pursue B.B.A. Marketing, here’s some good read on team management:  

  1. What is team management? Team management is a manager’s ability to lead his or her team in accomplishing a task or common goal.
  1. Importance of team management: A company is made up of people of different ages who come from different educational and cultural backgrounds. Aligning the entire team towards a common goal requires skills. But what does the company or manager gain out of effective team management? Here are some of the benefits of good team management:
  • Better division of work
  • Better problem solving
  • Happier team members
  • Less burnout
  • More opportunities for growth
  • Better productivity
  1. Principles of effective team management: Though a lot has been written about effective team management and there are various principles that are popular, some basics  remain the same.
  • Build the right team: A good manager not only manages a team but also builds the right one. When forming your team, besides skills there are many other factors to be taken into consideration. Such factors include innovative thinking, critical thinking and team spirit.
  • Division of work: To promote efficiency, employees should be assigned work that they are good at. In this scenario, a team manager plays a very important role in bringing out the best in his or her team members.
  • Assigning responsibilities and setting accountability: A good team manager must possess the skills to delegate work efficiently and hold team members responsible for their actions.
  1. Skills required for managing a team effective: Effective team management is a skill that students can develop with time and age. However, honing certain skills from the beginning can be helpful.
  • Effective communication: A team manager has to delegate work on a daily basis and for this, he or she must clearly articulate what needs to be done —while detailing the specific work and processes that need to be followed. 
  • Organisational skills: Meeting project timelines and making team members perform requires good planning that comes with effective organisational skills.
  • Problem-solving: No matter how well-prepared or well-organised, every manager runs into problems. It could be missing the deadline or finance-related issues. A problem-solving attitude comes in handy in dealing with difficult situations.

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