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Announcement Admission
September 11, 2023

TEDx Karnavati University 2023

Akshat Gupta

Why Not Challenge the unconventional? with Mr Akshat Gupta

Talking about his life journey towards becoming a successful bestselling author, Mr Gupta spoke about how struggles in the form of rejections, failures, step backs and more prompted him to ask “Why not” which opened up new doors of opportunities.

Bhagyashree Sawant

Why not overcome your challenges with Ms Bhagyashree Sawant

her journey of overcoming challenges motivated everybody to go beyond and above. Through her talk, Bhagyashree Sawant highlighted that ‘ When society tells you that you can’t do it , ask them ‘ Why not ?

Major Abhay Narayan Sapru

Why not embrace the wisdom? with Major Abhay Narayan Sapru

Major Abhay spoke about embracing the wisdom from within! Finding that internal fire is the key to unlocking your limitless potential. ‘ Let these words resonate as a reminder that true motivation springs from within. Keep striving and delivering your best with every step you take because ‘ Why not ? ‘

Nikhil Varma

Why not bridge the gap betweenn science and tradition? with Mr Nikhil Varma

Mr. Nikhi Varma shared his unique insights into how sounds can be harnessed to mold the very essence of a space. As a qualified sound engineer and recordist, Mr. Nikhil Varma brings a wealth of knowledge that bridges the gap between science and art, innovation and tradition

Mr Sangeet Chopra

Why not become Cybersecure? with Mr Sangeet Chopra

Mr. Sangeet Chopra took everyone into the riveting world of cybersecurity as he is brilliant ethical hacker and information security advisor . His insights shed light on a phenomenon we’ve all encountered but rarely understood – the art of distraction used by hackers to orchestrate their digital exploits.

Mr Kireet Khurana

Why not write history? with Mr Kireet Khurana

In a captivating TEDx talk, the visionary animator and acclaimed Indian filmmaker Mr. Kireet Khurana , unveiled the extraordinary influence wieldedby those who craft and share narratives. Mr. Kireet Khuarana reminded us that Skills lies in the hand of a skilled storyteller, the pen holds the power to write history itself because ‘ Why not ?

Ms Asmani Surve

Why not turn challenges into opportunities? with Ms Asmani Surve

With eloquence and passion, Ms Surve shared two profound truths: that breaking barriers is the essence of our vitality, and that the pursuit of creating value is the truest path to fulfillment.

Mr Neeraj Atri

Why not work with a noble mission? with Mr Neeraj Atri

With determination, Mr. Atri has waged a crusade against the distortion of history, driven solely by his deep love for his country . His talk reminded us that seeking truth isn’t just a duty, but a noble mission that transcends personal gains.

Mr Pratik Gandhi

Why not embrace failure and move towards success? with Mr Pratik Gandhi

In a heartfelt and profound TEDx talk, Mr. Pratik Gandhi took us on a journey through the highs and lows of his life, revealing a universal truth – that acknowledging failure isn’t a setback, but a stepping stone towards true success. He inspired us ” Success kya hain ? Failure ke baad ka next chapter, so why not “

Ms Rhea Singha

Why not break free from confines? with Ms Rhea Singha

Ms Singha’s talk was a powerful call to action, encouraging us to break free from the confines of ‘why’ and instead embrace the boundless possibilities of ‘why not.’ With grace, eloquence, and a powerful message, she reminded us all that sometimes the answer to ‘why’ isn’t as important as ‘why not.’