A&M Project: RPG Game

UID students are making their mark by exploring newer horizons of design and brainstorming unique ideas. Recently, a group of Animation & Motion Graphics design students of UID started working on a project wherein they are aspiring to build a third-person RPG game.

The game is all about a 19-year-old ambitious engineer, working on a project to reduce the scarcity of resources by doubling them in size, however, a small accident results in him being shrunk.

Learning to make the game themselves, they are now at their first user test!

Core team (Semester-5)
Rajat Raj Gupta
Jwalin Adhyaru
Shruti Bhat
Abishek Padmanaban

Integral part of the team (Semester-3)
Srinidhi VU
Preetvardhan Trivedi

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