Tapestry Weaving

A one-week long Tapestry Weaving workshop by Prof. Prasunna Bhattacharya (renowned Painter, Muralist, Textile Designer, and Academician) was organised for the students of Textile Design (M.Design, Semester 1 & 3).

Tapestry is a form of Textile art, traditionally woven by hand on a loom. This weft-faced weaving art was learned and explored by the postgraduate students of Textile & Knit Design discipline for a week. Keeping in mind the principles and elements of designs, students wove creative tapestries based on various concepts of landscapes, nature, social issues etc.

The learning process gave an opportunity to the students to explore various interesting materials such as waste, rags, straws etc to weave tapestries. The tapestry weaving encapsulated a thought on the past and present scenario of the traditional tapestry weaving art and future perspectives of the same.

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