6 Creative Careers in The Design Field Graphic and Communication Design

In this digital age, visual storytelling is an integral part of our everyday life. Be it magazines, email marketing templates, brochures or posters — graphic design is all around you. It influences how you perceive the world using the colours, images, fonts and illustrations. The graphic and communication design industry is growing at an accelerated pace and a bachelor’s degree in graphic and communication design can open the door to a range of creative careers for you like the following: 

  • Graphic designer: A graphic designer creates visual concepts to convey information through photos and art. Be posters, billboards, packaging, logos or marketing materials, there is a graphic designer behind designing all these. As a student of graphic design, you must know that besides being creative, to make it in this industry you need technical skills, especially with design and photo-editing software. You also need to have an understanding of the latest graphic design trends. As a graphic designer, you can go on to work with advertising agencies, book, magazine and newspaper publishers, multimedia companies and even the packaging industry. 


  • Illustrator: Illustrators turn ideas into inspiring illustrations. An illustrator is expected to work closely with clients and marketing teams. Using the brief given, the illustrator develops artworks for the intended use. If you want to be a good illustrator, you must be creative and imaginative with an eye for detail, have excellent drawing and painting skills. In-depth knowledge of design software is essential in today’s digital world. Book jackets, catalogues, Computer games and giftware are some of the many things that an illustrator designs. 


  • UI/UX designer: It is a team of UI/UX designers who make websites appealing and user-friendly. A UI/UX designer anticipates and meets the needs of the users that allow them to interact seamlessly with a website, a mobile app or even an electronic gadget. To be a good UI/UX designer, you must understand what audiences want and tweak your products as per their needs. UX writing, wireframing, prototyping and coding are some of the technical skills you must possess to become a UI/UX designer. 


  • Exhibition designer: A bachelor’s degree in graphic and communication design can also open career opportunities in the field of exhibition design. An exhibition designer work on commercial public exhibitions, events, trade shows and conferences. If you are among the students wishing to become exhibition designers are an exhibition designer, then you should know that besides an eye for aesthetics, you should have Technical drawing skills and IT skills, particularly computer-aided design. Excellent organisation and project management skills are must to be part of such huge events. 


  • Animator: An animator works in 2D, 3D model-making or computer-generated animation. Besides creativity, an animator should have strong technical skills like good graphic design skills, drawing in 2D and knowledge of technical software packages. Animators are needed in the film industry and the gaming industry.


  • Web designer: A web designer is responsible for planning, creating the design and layout of a website or web pages. This could mean designing a new website from scratch or updating an existing website. As part of the job, a web designer has to produce sample sites and meet with the clients to discuss requirements. Expertise in software development and software programming is essential. 

If you are interested in the field of graphic design, a bachelor’s degree in visual communication (graphic design) can help you kickstart your career. At the School of Communication Design, learn from the industry experts. Our B.Design Visual Communication (Graphics) is designed as per the requirement of the industry. Students get hands-on training throughout the course which culminates with a graduation project.

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