SECMOL HIAL Ladakh visit – Summer Project based on experiential learning

Summer Project based on experiential learning in the social development sector:

Date: 1st July- 14th July
Place: SECMOL, HIAL, Ladakh with Col. Sonam Wanchuk

IMD sem 5 students have gone for an immersive learning experience at SECMOL & HIAL, Ladakh to learn from one of the best know experiences in sustainability, and alternative education and development. After acclimatising and exploring their surroundings, the students are now deep into their learning experience, living outside their comfort zones and discovering things that are beyond the classroom learning experience.

-The TERRA Award-winning SECMOL School building in Leh (Ladakh) is virtually the epitome of contemporary rammed-earth construction and passive solar architecture. As the sun is the main resource for the building It is south-facing with big windows and made with different natural materials like stone, mud-brick, and paper waste to make proper insulation for trapping the heat of the sun and slowing releasing the heat in winters and not letting the heat come inside the building in summers making it cool inside

– The photo is a representation of unintentional learning which is one of the most important parts of SECMOL’s alternative education. The measurements are written on the wall of the terra building where students interact the most. these types of mathematical clues are all around the campus for the unconsciously understanding of measurement.

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