Interactive Book Reading Session with Mr. Hindol Sengupta

Award-winning Journalist and Author, Mr. Hindol Sengupta interacted with the students of the Unitedworld School of Liberal Arts and Mass Communications. Mr. Sengupta spoke about his latest book on Sardar Patel, “The Man Who Saved India.” His talk was centered around the life of Patel, his contributions to India politics, why he got the title of the Iron Man of India and why it is important for everyone to have the ‘Patelian Courage’. The author was flooded with questions from the students. From the future of journalism to the politics behind releasing the book just before the inauguration of the statue of unity – the questions ensured that there was not a single dull moment in the interaction. Inspiring incidents from the life of Sardar Patel was narrated by Sengupta as the students heard in rapt attention. The author signed 30 copies of his book and distributed to the students of USLM.

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