Guest lecture on Sensitization about Cooperative Management

It is well known that the Cooperative Movement which envisaged to provide solutions to the problems of rural credit in India, owes its origin to the sponsorship of Government. In today’s global world, cooperative management is relevant more than ever. In order to sensitize the students about its importance, Unitedworld School of Business organized a lecture on Sensitization about Cooperative Management on 9 th March 2022 from 9:30 am to 10:30 am, for the students of BBA Sem II. The speaker, Mr. G. Suresh, is the Director of Natesan Institute of Co-operative Management, Chennai. He briefed the students about the concepts such as cooperative, cooperative society, cooperative values and principles, cooperative model of business and acts governing cooperatives in India. He also explained the difference between co-operatives and corporations by citing relevant examples. His talk also focused on success stories of various cooperatives such as AMUL, IFFCO, IMCOPS etc. It was a very insightful session which the students enjoyed thoroughy.


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