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Announcement Admission
February 27, 2023

Research Week for BBA Students

Research is an integral part for students’ academic growth and understanding, so to give the students an opportunity to learn how write a research paper, A Research Week for BBA Students was conducted from 21st -24th February,2023. The attendees for the same were the students of Sem 6 and Sem 4. The students were guided by Prof Maaz Saiyed from MICA and Prof Kedar Bhat from CPIMR. The first two days were addressed by Prof Maaz specializing in Marketing and Research, who helped the students understand the basics of Research Methodology. He created a very light environment for students to cope up with the sessions easily, using his sense of humour and out of the box examples he very easily conveyed the learnings to the students. He covered up the topics of how a research paper is written, it’s elements, types of researches, how to write a literature review etc., it was easy for students to grasp all the information at once, it also included a practical element where the students were asked to write an article which included some parts of a research paper like introduction, brief on Subject, data collection and interpretation and conclusion. The following two days were addressed by Prof Kedar Bhat who too is a Research specialised and Marketing. Prof. Kedar helped the students to learn in depth of the Data collection, analysis and Interpretation using SPSS software as well as helping students understand how to work on their Dissertation using their topics so that it is easy for them to jot down the important steps. He very swiftly using some sample data explained the basic usage of SPSS software and how to analyse the results obtained from the same. Though SPSS is not an easy software to use, Prof Kedar made sure that the students atleast have a clear idea about it so that it isn’t very hard to begin with. On the second day of his session he asked the students to share their dissertation topics so that the work they’ll be doing on it can be explained in an easy manner. Some of the students shared their topics and using it Prof Kedar helped the students to understand the value of the work they’ll be putting in as well as how they are expected to frame their thesis. Overall this week was concluded on a good note as everyone participating in had something or other to take as a learning. Such opportunities as like a stepping stones foe the students specially for the one’s who will be graduating soon as they will be working in a corporate environment or in their further studies these skills are more valued. Thus, it can be said that it was a successful week for the students as nobody left emptyhanded as it will only help them for current as well as future studies.