Janmashtami Celebrations

30th August, 2021                                                                                                                                                                   
Samskriti, the cultural committee of Unitedworld School of Law organized ‘Handi Hunt 21’, a fun filled activity that thrilled the otherwise academic vibes of the school.  The Handi Hunt was designed for the students to team-up and hunt for the ever-elusive Handi. Starting with the hunt for hidden Handi, the teams were required to compete in searching for the Handi , and then to break it to win the competition. The winning team was awarded with exciting prizes. A large number of teams participated in the event and were found jostling around to be first. Once again, through a thrilling mix of culture and game, the team Samskriti was successful in creating a fun-filled festive environment in the campus.

The Winning Team of Dahi Handi

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