Basics of Art of Mooting

UWSL, Karnavati University in association with Karnavati University Alumni Association (KUAA) organized Global Alumni Lecture Series (GOALS) on “Basics of Art of Mooting” with our esteemed alumnus Adv. Ujjwal Sareen on March 23, 2022.

The session started off with the address by Dr Sharuti Chaudhary, Assistant Director-Alumni Association. She spoke about how the habits of an individual affect his/her whole behaviour and how changing habits through practising would help one master any skill on the sub-conscious level as well.

Ujjwal gave insights on being an effective Mooter where he started with the most important facet of mooting- Confidence. He spoke about the fundamentals of Mooting: Researching, Memorial drafting (with all the citations and adherence to the rule book), debating with logic. He gave many instances from his personal experiences on what to do and what not to do for mastering the art of mooting. Ujjwal emphasized the importance of the right team and the compatibility with the moot partners.

Adv. Ujjwal Sareen was felicitated by Dr Sharuti Choudhary, Prof. Nishtha Agrawal and Rahul Upadhyay.

The session ended with a vote of thanks by Prof. Nishtha Agrawal, Assistant Professor (Convener – Alumni Relations), UWSL.

We thank Adv. Ujjwal Sareen for sparing his time and conducting such an interactive session. We look forward to many more such sessions with our alumni.


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