UWSL Academic Advisory Board

A meeting of the Academic Advisory Board of UWSL was convened on 14th May, 2022 in the Conference Room of Karnavati University. Following members were present:

  1. Justice S G Shah – Former Judge, Gujarat High Court
  2. Shri Jatin Jalundhwala – Joint President, Legal & Secretarial at Adani Enterprises Ltd.
  3. Prof.(Dr.) S P Rathor – Dean, Faculty of Law, Gujarat University

At the outset a presentation about the functioning of UWSL was given by the Dean, UWSL to the Hon’ble members of the AAB. Starting from academic program, credit system, mentor mentee system, peer learning initiative, legal aid clinic, moot court society, and research centers was explained to the AAB in order to receive contextualized input.

Following advice, guidance and suggestions were received from eminent menbers on improving the academic quality, increasing research output and institutional Growth: 

Prof.(Dr.) S P Rathor suggested that:

  1. Alumni feedback should be received about their present work experience.
  2. Few more villages should be adopted for legal aid purposes.
  3. Few topics or units of a course should be assigned to foreign faculty.
  4. New relevant courses should be added.

 Mr. Jatin Jalundwala advised said:

  1. Contract drafting and contract management system should be thoroughly taught to students.
  2. He laid a lot of emphasis on the practical aspects of arbitration law and the need for exposing students to it.
  3. He spoke about the importance of PMLA, Benami Transactions law and the need for starting alumni lecture series.
  4. He suggested that AAB meeting should take place once in a quarter.

Justice S G Shah suggested that:

  1. Computerization of legal practice means that students should be very well versed with digital technology and digital management systems. It should be made part of student teaching and learning protocol.
  1. He advised that students should not be made too dependent on villagers for their clinical learning as students can be sometimes misguided by them. He seconded the suggestion of Mr. Jalundwala on contract drafting. He added that contextualized contract drafting is very important for students.
  2. He too suggested that PMLA, Benami Transactions law could be added as elective.
  3. He explained that we have to identify student temperament for different vocations from within the legal profession. Career counseling and training program can be designed on such identification.
  4. He advised to invite practicing advocates, judges and law officers to share their experience with students.
  5. He advised that UWSL should procure some recent or relevant certified copies of plaint, copy of written statement and recorded evidence and share them with students for moot court purposes.

The Vice Chancellor (Provost) of Karnavati University, Dr. A. K. S. Suryavanshi informed the members about small workshops of one credit to provide exposure to practical aspects of law to be conducted each semester. He delivered vote of thanks and promised to present action taken report in the next meeting.


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